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These are genuine original Johnsons Radio shortwave radio construction kit chassis, still wrapped in the original brown paper covering, certainly since my friend purchased the company from the originator Alfred Johnson Howarth (hence the name Johnsons Radio) during 1978/9 (he's not 100% certain when it was without checking). In fact, he says they were probably supplied ready-drilled and ready-wrapped sometime during the 60s when the company was still up north.


The Johnsons Radio company began in Macclesfield Cheshire and moved to Worcester sometime during the 60s/70s (again, he's not sure without checking) and if you google "Johnsons Radio" there is information that comes up some of which John says he knows for a fact is not too accurate. Further information can be available from him if you need it.

These are £4.99 each and £3.50 P&P.

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