Coronavirus Update

NOTICE TO ALL CONCERNED - All of the 2021 dates listed below have been forwarded to, and reserved for us by, Worcester Live in case we have to re-schedule all of our remaining 2020 concerts.  Discussion is currently ongoing and, at the time of typing,  only the April, May & June concert details have been confirmed.  All of the other dates have been reserved in case, as I suspect, the whole year gets written off - however until I speak to you to confirm a new date, the existing concert date is still in place and is being constantly reviewed - Best wishes to you all, John




FRIDAY APRIL 17TH 2020    The Other Side Of Billy    You can put CANCELLED by this one.  Regrettably, my co-promoter Pat Young passed away in hospital recently, after a relatively short period of ill health, and in view of the fact that this concert was actually due to take place on Billy Fury's 80th birthday we felt that, in the circumstances, a re-schedule of the show as planned was not practical.  We will be replacing it with a show, which I have provisionally titled ' ... A Tribute To Pat And Her Devotion To Billy ... ' as soon as we possibly can and, we feel that all of the people who have booked tickets for this one, if notified of the replacement show plan, will be more than happy to transfer to the new date (provisionally fixed as Saturday April 17th 2021).  If we change to a 'sooner' date (which is highly unlikely now) can you reserve 17/04/21 for me anyway & I will put something on as it will be Billy's 81st birthday


SATURDAY MAY 9TH 2020    The Big Time Fun Band - Back to the 70s and 80s    Re-scheduled for SATURDAY MAY 15TH 2021


SATURDAY JUNE 20TH 2020    Dance the Night Away with Los Texicanos    Re-scheduled for SATURDAY JUNE 19TH 2021


SATURDAY JULY 11TH 2020    Miss Pearl and the Rough Diamonds    Re-scheduled for SATURDAY JULY 10TH 2021


SATURDAY JULY 18TH 2020    The Songs of Don Williams and Patsy Cline etc    Re-scheduled for SATURDAY JULY 17TH 2021


SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 12TH 2020    Spencer in September    Re-scheduled for SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 11TH 2021


FRIDAY OCTOBER 23RD 2020    JB's Classical Classics featuring Wilhelm & Sally    Rescheduled for SATURDAY OCTOBER 23RD 2021


SATURDAY DECEMBER 12TH 2020    JB's (14th-1) Annual Christmas Special Charity Concert featuring Pete Gill and his band The Good

                                                           Time Charlies    Re-scheduled for SATURDAY DECEMBER 18TH 2021


PLEASE NOTE:    If we do run any of the 2020 concerts on their scheduled dates I will keep the re-scheduled 2021 dates to put something else on so, if you also have any Jan, Feb or March dates available at The Swan Theatre or Huntingdon Hall still available please let me know, so I can look at the possibility of using any of them as well - I am aware, of course, with all the re-scheduling going on that there may not be too many, if any at all


SATURDAY APRIL 9TH 2022    The only other date I currently have in place when, God willing, I am planning to run a JERRY LEE LEWIS TRIBUTE DAY on my 80th birthday, at Huntingdon Hall, and make it my last ever concert (yes, I know you have heard that one before but, it has got to be true one day!)

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